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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Fidget spinners are the new drug or so it is being labeled by many. It was invented some two decades ago but has started gaining popularity since the end of 2016 and now in 2017 its all the new rage. What was it invented for? What is its actual purpose? Is it beneficial for what it was actually invented for? These are some of the questions that will be addressed.

It was initially invented for children to have them distracted and divert all of their attention to spinning this toy, later on it appeared in the 2016 Forbes list as a must have office toy and gradually it became so popular that there are billions of videos on you tube all focused on the new possible tricks and tips with reference to fidget spinners. Many popular channels have multitudes of subscribers all so that they can learn new tricks about the spinner. Their immense popularity can be understood from the fact that out of the 50 best selling toys on Amazon 49 are all about these fidget spinners.


It was a toy basically invented to divert the bottled-up energy in people especially kids. The rhythmic thumping sensation that the spinner produces is seemed as a satisfactory element for many and this is the reason people are opting for the toy between their fingers to divert their anxiety or pumped up negative energy into these spinners and witness it spin away leaving them refreshed and boarded up for new tasks. Though this toy was never a part of any cult or any other cartoon or action movie but even then, it presents a bit of competitive streak within kids. Today, kids can be seen trading it like they were once trading Pokémon cards and Bay Blades. There are numerous tricks and ways that this spinner can be used and this is attracting children to compete against each other and give more fuel the hype!

Some of the stunts that are being pulled around with the fidget spinners are:

  • Spinning it on your palm tops and competing whose spins the most.
  • Spinning it on your finger top and then juggling it between fingers even hands.
  • Spinning on top of your nose or forehead if you are daring enough.
  • Placing one spinner on top of another fidget spinner and then creating a tower of spinning fidget spinners and playing the tricks on the eye.
  • The last of all and a awe worthy one is throwing the spinner to your friend and then catching it back in the swiftest of moments possible.

The fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, but there are many schools who are placing a ban on the spinner because they are too addictive and too distracting, which harm the output of the students. But however, much they are banned they have taken over playgrounds by storm and the massive power they have over the kids shows that they are here to stay.